Client Testimonials


I want to express my appreciation for the work that your company has performed in our plant. Your people have gone above and beyond the call of duty. Our machines have been overhauled and are up and running in the shortest period of time. Tim Weil has been at our plant numerous times. He is an excellent leader and supervisor. He has the ability to lead his crew in a safe and expeditious manner. Small details are always considered and are planned into the work. We will always in the future call on your company for help when we have a problem. I am sending messages to our other plants; you will probably receive other work. Again let me say THANK YOU.

Brett Ross, Manager Plant Engineer, Air System Components


We have used Taylor Crane & Rigging, Inc. almost exclusively for the last 8 years to move equipment locally and across the country. We also use them exclusively for our major press repair work. Taylor Crane & Rigging, Inc. has always provided a service to the level of professionalism not often seen in today's competitive market. They are very knowledgeable of the equipment and have the experience to do most of our major equipment repair needs. They are also responsive to our requirements and have completed all work in a timely manner being sensitive to our production requirements. All equipment projects were completed on time per Johnson Controls, Inc. schedules, all safety regulations were followed, and all costs were maintained within project budgets. I would highly recommend Taylor Crane & Rigging, Inc., for all equipment moves and repairs. Johnson Controls, Inc. will continue to use Taylor Crane & Rigging, Inc. for our equipment needs.

Gary Brauer, Senior Project Manager, Johnson Controls


I would like to express my sincere appreciation of the "Taylor Crane" employees for their dedication and hard work to complete the equipment transfer from Juarez, Mexico to our plant. I realize traveling across the border brings up work related issues and I expected to have to be more involved in the transfer and coordination of the project. "Taylor Crane" employees took care of getting their own visas, work permits, and other needed information to complete the project. While working in the Juarez plant your employees made contacts with other suppliers to help coordinate the project on the disconnect, preparation of the equipment before transfer, and instructing the Mexican contractor on the rigging of the equipment. During the shipping of the equipment across the border and through customs your employees worked with and scheduled the transfer of the trailers with the equipment. When the equipment arrived at the Stillwater plant very little coordination was needed because of the planning of the project by the "Taylor Crane" employees. This was also due to the fact that "Taylor Crane" was capable of hauling the equipment to Stillwater, rigging, and installing the equipment. Also, I feel one of the best assets of "Taylor Crane" is the quality of the equipment that they use. The versa lift and the trailer to carry the machines through the plant instead of using skates makes other rigging companies seem old fashioned.

Rick Bailey, SR Manufacturing Engineer, Mercury Marine


Taylor Crane & Rigging has provided transportation and crane services for M-E-C Company many times over the last ten years. We have always found them to be very dependable, always on time and competitively priced. We have manufacturing plants in Coffeyville and Neodesha, Kansas, and are very pleased to have a company like Taylor Crane & Rigging available when we need their services.

Kent Shields, Vice President, MEC Company


Since 1989, Taylor Crane has performed several moves and given us service that is key to our operations. Our recent machinery move from California along with the presses and machinery you have moved for us to our new Cherokee facility in Tulsa, clearly demonstrates your dedications to quality service and safety. Nordam would highly recommend your services to anyone moving or installing large press(s)/machinery and furthermore I would be glad to discuss your services with any of your clients.

Ben Rhoads, Manager Facilities/Maintenance, The Nordam Group


In my seventeen year association with your company I have come to appreciate the business philosophy that Taylor Crane & Rigging represents. As we have been involved in many large machine tool installations and two different plant relocation projects there have been many opportunities and problems to overcome. I have always been impressed with your attitude of hard work and fair pricing to achieve successful results. Most recently I had the opportunity to introduce your company to the AGCO – Hesston, KS, operation. I was confident that your performance would sell the Taylor Crane & rigging idea. I was please to hear from our maintenance personnel that they had never witnessed the kind of work ethic and can-do attitude by your crew. As always safety is a key part of anything we do and the Taylor crew was 100% committed to this process. It goes without saying you have won over another site to Taylor Crane & Rigging. I look forward to future projects with your company and wish you success in all your business opportunities.

Roger A. Haggerty, Manufacturing Engineering Manager, AGCO Corporation


I would like to take this time to show my appreciation for the service that you provided us. Job 1 – July 3, 2000 removed two 880 ton Dieffenbacher hydraulic presses and installed one 1000 ton Blow press; completed in 6 days. Job 2 – December 9, 2001 removed one 1000 ton Version press and stacked on a 1000 ton Blow press in its place. Re-stacked the Version press in a pit 100' away; completed in 5 days. On both occasions that we have used your services, all work was done under a very tight timeline. You and your crew not only met our schedules, but did so in a safe and professional manner. You and your crew's willingness to work around the clock even on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day is exceptional. Please express my appreciation to: James, Jamie, Billy, Jim, Scott, Chris, Leonard, Larry, Dudly (thanks for the pecans), and Dustin. Again thanks for your effort and I am looking forward to working with you again.

J.D. Troy, Electrical Engineering Manager, Flex-N-Gate


Just a few lines to let you know how much we appreciated your willingness to accept the contract for the Plant relocation on such short notice... If not for Taylor Crane and the Move Team, we would not have met our Timeline for Production startup in the Pryor Facility. Your willingness to work around the clock to make this happen over a weekend was greatly appreciated. I was quite impressed by your ability to design and build Custom Build Fixtures for Wiring Form Boards that allowed us to transport delicate tooling with absolutely no damage. We were able to go right into production without any delays. The laser Marking machines were powered up and came right on line. The ability to complete this delicate move in such a short time with no damage has made my superiors very happy. I look forward to working with Taylor Crane and Rigging in the future. Please do not hesitate to call, if we can be of service or if you would like to use Labinal as a reference.

Tony Lowe, Plant Engineering Manager, Labinal Aero & Defense Systems, Inc.


After reviewing our records we have determined that the super load moved by Taylor Crane & Rigging in April 2006 is the heaviest load moved in the State of Kansas to date. This load consisted of a Generator weighing 788,590 pounds on 19 axles with dimensions of 13'-6" wide, 17'-0" tall and 120'-0" long. This item was moved from Columbus to Riverton using county roads and state highways.

John Culbertson, P.E., Bridge Evaluation-Squad Leader


We recently contracted with Taylor Crane to move equipment, store equipment and install various machinery in our new plant located in Albuquerque, New Mexico. I was pleased with the work performed by the men from Taylor Crane. The time was very professional and helpful in all aspects of the move. Everything was done on time, without accident or damage and in a very thoughtful manner. The move team leader was outstanding in their ability to solve problems, supervise the workers, and suggest ways to handle situations. Your hard working, professional team is to be commended; I would not hesitate to use you again and recommend your name to other companies.

David Dougherty, Managing Director, Jule-Art, Inc


Over the years, Emerson has enjoyed an excellent working relationship with Taylor Crane & Rigging. We have used Taylor Crane & Rigging for various machine moves both within the US and from the US to Mexico. Taylor Crane and Rigging has provided various services including: equipment disconnection, equipment teardown, rigging, shipping, permitting, border crossing, setting equipment into new locations, and leveling equipment. Taylor Crane and Rigging has always provided the equipment, knowledge, and skill to handle any size job. We highly recommend Taylor Crane & Rigging and will continue to use them.

Stan Meyer, Emerson Motor Technologies


On Behalf of Empire District Electric Company, I would like to thank you and your staff for a job well done. Taylor Crane & Rigging's performance during the heavy haul of the Riverton Unit 12 turbine and generator without incident or injury is to be commended. As you know, the original route of the heavy haul was short and straightforward; however, when Sega and Empire approached you in January about the required change to a longer and more difficult route from Columbus, KS due to the condition of the local railroad, you and your staff did not hesitate to respond with a new plan and fair price to perform the move. It is remarkable that in just over six weeks, you were able to plan a new route, assess the condition of the bridge along the route, engineer and build a "bridge jumper" that was required for the new route, gather all the necessary equipment, and prepare the route itself for the haul. In addition to all the work, Taylor Crane & Rigging was more than understanding and quickly adapted when the delivery of the turbine was delayed from its original schedule. You personally should be proud of the professional attitude of your staff and the safe manner in which they work. A task was never performed without thinking safety first! When the Riverton Unit 12 project was kicked off, never did I think that the heavy haul of the turbine and generator would present so many hurdles. I personally owe Taylor Crane & Rigging and Sega, Inc. a great amount of gratitude for helping me overcome those obstacles. Thanks again for Taylor Crane & Rigging's part in the construction of Riverton Unit 12 and in being another example of the excellence that has been associated with the Riverton Power Plant and its more than 100 years of history.

Blake Mertens, Manager of Strategic Projects, Empire District Electric Company


Columbian TecTank had a noteworthy experience with your company over the past 3 months. The relocation of equipment from Parsons to DeKalb, Parsons to Winchester, Kansas City to Parsons and the major relocation within the Parsons plant represented a significant project for Columbian TecTank and your crews professionally handled the moves to our satisfaction. We had minimal disruption of our production process while TCR demonstrated safety, quality and efficient work ethics. Our thanks to Mr. Tim Weil and his crews for their cooperation and we look forward to a continued working relationship with Taylor Crane and Rigging.

Jim Lawson, Columbian TecTank


We would like to commend Taylor Crane for the fine job done at the City of Chanute's new power plant. The unloading, transporting and setting of the turbine generator and associated gear was completed in a safe, timely and most satisfactory manner. The site conditions were difficult due to the rainy weather, but Larry Shufeldt and his crew were professional, efficient and a pleasure to work with. We appreciate your efforts and look forward to working with TCR in the future.

Larry Gates, Director of Electric and Gas Utilities, City of Chanute


I wish to take this opportunity to thank you for the generosity you afforded us and our community for the crane services you provided last Friday at our F-84 airplane display project in Pfister Park. I also know that the Veterans of Foreign War as well as the Coffeyville Aviation Heritage Museum are also appreciative of your efforts towards this project. As memory serves me this is not the first time that you have helped on projects in this manner. It is an extreme pleasure to have your company as such a good community partner in our city. Your crew arrived on the project, made an assessment of what needed to be done, and had the job completed in a matter of a few hours. Your crew showed a high degree of professionalism and worked together with our crews without incident. One could not ask for a better job anywhere. We are hoping to have a July 4th dedication ceremony for the project and hope that you may be able to attend. Cindy Price took several digital photographs of the event. Should you wish to have some copies or electronic files please let me know. Again, thank you so much Jim for your services.

Scott Massman, RLS, Superintendent of Engineering, City of Coffeyville


The critical part of this project was removing the slug without damaging the furnace and furnace coils. The thing that impressed me the most was a solid game plan was put in place by Mr. Taylor and the next day that plan was implemented without a hitch. FasCast, Inc. was very pleased not only with the quick response but the final results. When you have a tough rigging and removal job call Taylor Crane & Rigging.

Bill Travis, President, FasCast, Inc.


I wanted to thank you and your employees for a "job well done" with the delivery and installation of the AquaCiser for Pain Evaluation & Treatment Center. I was extremely impressed with the precision and care in which you went about the task of lifting such a large and heavy machine into a tenth floor window with little room for error. It was a pleasure to plan and execute the project with Taylor Crane & Rigging. Thank you for the pictures of the project. I have enclosed a compact disc with the digital pictures I took during the project.

Paul Gill, Pain Evaluation & Treatment Center


Taylor Crane & Rigging is simply the best at what they do. When we are in need of machinery moving, we call TCR. They’ve done work for us for many years and always provide professional, safe & timely service. Just today, TCR unloaded a horizontal mill for us and, as always, the job was completed without a problem. Taylor Crane makes it easier for us to accomplish our mission.

James Kuykendall, Maintenance Supervisor, Port City Metal Services


At Energy Exchanger Co., efficiency is crucial to our production & delivery process. We use Taylor Crane & Rigging to load & unload large exchangers – around 200,000 lbs – from our manufacturing facility for transport. Taylor Crane completes the work on time, on budget and in the profession manner we have come to expect. TCR’s resources, expertise and consistency make it easy to choose them again & again.

Larry D. Burton, Manager of Manufacturing


We wish to compliment you and your people’s expertise and professionalism in supplying and installing the 400 ton jacking system and executing the raising of the bridge. Your cooperation with our crew was top shelf given the degree of difficulty in this situation. We appreciate your efforts and quick execution as part of our building team and look forward to working together in the future.”

Kent Glesener, Mayes County

I just wanted to take a moment and say I really appreciate the job your organization has done and is doing for me at American Airlines as we re-shape the layout of our machine shops.

First, I want to let you know that I have dealt with other machine movers before, and there is absolutely no one from your organization that I have been displeased with. Your crews come in, and from the first moment, you can see they are aware of SAFETY! At American Airlines, we believe in Safety First, and from what I see from your Crews, you instill the same beliefs. They wear their hardhats, safety glasses, and any other personal protective equipment needed.

Second, their professionalism shows through every day they are on our property. It is plain to see that they intend to please the customer, no matter what is asked of them. Also they are clean and in uniform so there is no mistake as to who they work for, although they may not be as clean when they leave, as they are hard workers and not afraid to get dirty if necessary. From what I see, they also work well together and don’t complain about each other, they come in and go to work and accomplish what was asked of them to do and leave the area in an acceptable state.

I also want to say thanks Jim, for the help you and yours, (Kathie, Pete, Alan, Larry, Jimbo Taylor, Don, Ray, Josh, Caleb, Dudley and anyone I might have missed) have given me in coordinating such a large project and for the communication I have received from them.

Thanks Again,

Mike Cody, Machine Shop Production Supervisor, American Airlines