Gantry, Transport, Jack & Slide - Hays, KS

TCR HAYS-8025 TCR HAYS-6624TCR HAYS-7703TCR HAYS-8561TCR HAYS-6468 TCR HAYS-7724 TCR offloaded three 152-ton generators using our 400-ton gantries at a railyard in Hays, KS. TCR then transported, maneuvered and set each generator on its foundation according to precise specifications.

The transportation of each generator along a 6.5-mile route from the rail yard to the energy company included traversing an overpass over I-70.

To safely cross the overpass, KDOT required the use of a 12-line trailer with a drop-deck and wing dollies. 

Once in the plant, the generators were maneuvered to their building using a self-propelled 10-line trailer and moved inside with precision to be moved to their final resting location using our jack & slide system. 

The project was completed on time with no injuries and to the satisfaction of the client who stated, “I was quite pleased with Taylor Crane. They were very safety-conscious and professional in their approach to their work.”